Master of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, 1991

Specialization: Health/Addictions


Bachelor of Science in Education, Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, New Mexico, 1976

Majors: Secondary Education and Special Education

Minors: Psychology and Sociology


Education Coursework, University of New Mexico

81 hours completed in Guidance, Special, and Administrative Education


Professional Executive Experience

Senior Programs & Projects Specialist; Navajo Nation Division of Transportation, Navajo Nation.

February 2013-Present.

Hired to provide assistance to NDOT program/project management in analyzing, developing and achieving short and long-term goals and objectives; reviews Navajo Nation policies and procedures; identifies funding sources and requirements; serve as lead capacity to staff pertaining to the overall division. Assists in the development of budget proposals, preparing reports, correspondence and presentations related to project or program activities.


Candidate for New Mexico House of Representative-District 4.

May 2012

Filed candidacy for the New Mexico Representative position. Planned and organized a campaign during the general campaign period. Won the election in the November general election. The elected position is a two year term that convenes one sixty day session and one thirty day session, conducted each year in January.


Chief of Staff, Office of the Speaker, Legislative Branch, The Navajo Nation.     

January 2011-May 2012.

Hired by the Navajo Nation Speaker of the 22 Navajo Nation Council to administer and direct the Office of the Speaker and the offices within the Legislative Branch. Supervised, monitored and coached staff on the formulation of Navajo Nation issues for the Navajo Nation Council. Was responsible for the development and accountability of the budgets within the Branch. Researched and advised the Speaker and Navajo Nation Council on Navajo Nation policies and administrative issues regarding the development of legislation for the Navajo Nation Code. In coordination with Council Delegates and Committees, assistance was provided for the development of Navajo Nation positions. Facilitated and monitored the development of documents for Oversight Committees and Navajo Nation contacts. Ongoing contacts were maintained with Navajo Nation Chapters, County Offices, State Government, Federal Government, Navajo Nation entities and others who associated or maintained an interest with the Navajo Nation.


Acting Executive Director, Office of Government Development, Office of the Speaker, The Navajo Nation, September 2010-Present

Hired by the Navajo Nation Speaker, Legislative Branch of the Navajo Nation, to direct an office, created by the Navajo Nation Council, to accomplish the Council’s project of instituting reforms necessary to ensure an accountable and responsible government. The office is charged to review and evaluate all aspects of the existing government structure including laws, rules and regulations, practices, fuctions, goals and objectives of the central government as it relates to Navajo communities and their relationship to the central government. This activity is developed into recommendations and proposals for alternative forms of government for consideration to the Navajo people through referendum vote.

Candidate for Navajo Nation President

Navajo Nation, May 2010

Officially filed candidacy for Navajo Nation President on May 4, 2010 at the Navajo Election Administration office in Window Rock, Arizona. Campaigning on the platform of restoring the Navajo people’s confidence in their government by forming an accountable government sensitive to the people’s needs.


Executive Director, Navajo Nation Washington Office

Washington, District of Columbia, May 2003 – May 2010

Appointed by Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr., The Navajo Nation Washington Office facilitates the Nation’s strategic legislative objectives, as presented to the US Congress; negotiates on behalf of the Nation on substantive issues affecting the operation of federally funded programs or services; establishes policy and partnership with federal/regions and state agencies; coordinates all federal activities with the Navajo Nation government; extends Navajo Nation good-will to international nations and their indigenous people, US Native Nations, US Native organizations and national organizations.


Campaigned for New Mexico Secretary of State in the 2002 General Election

New Mexico, January 2002 – November 2002

Campaigned on the platform that New Mexico needs “honest elections”; every citizen has the right to vote, the right to have each vote count, election reform and voter identification.


President George W. Bush Nominee as Commissioner for Administration for Native Americans (ANA) at the United States Department of Health and Human Services

Washington, District of Columbia, 2001

The nomination was withdrawn to pursue the statewide election for the 2002 New Mexico Secretary of State position.


Contractor, National Indian Gaming Association

Washington, District of Columbia, May 2001 – December 2001

Developed the National Indian Gaming Association’s Visitor Guide to Indian Country: a premier tourism and marketing handbook for Indian casinos, hotels, and amenities.


Executive Director, National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH)

Washington, District of Columbia, July 1999 – April 2001

Administered and oversee all managerial responsibilities and activities of the National Council of Urban Indian Health (NCUIH), the only National Organization working to advance the cause of urban Indians. Represent NCUIH at all appropriate functions and develop working relationships with tribes, congressional representatives, federal and state agencies and Indian organizations. Coordinate and monitor the development of the Urban Indian Health Program’s budget with health related resources and advocate for its approval to Congress. Assure grant compliance by coordinating with the Indian Health Service (HIS) and negotiate for funding on behalf of the NCUIH Board. Inform the NCUIH membership about health policy, legislation and other health information. Prepare reports and testimonies, develop health policy positions, and provide appropriations and legislative advice and analysis to the NCUIH Board and NCUIH membership. Plan and coordinate two conferences a year for membership.


Executive Director, Navajo Nation Washington Office

Washington, District of Columbia, November 1997 – February 1999

Served in three Navajo Administrations, the Navajo Nation being the largest American Indian tribe. Represented the Navajo Nation in Washington and acted as liaison to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the Navajo Nation, the White House, Congress, federal agencies and American Indian Nations. Developed and coordinated legislative activities and lobbying efforts of the Navajo Nation Government with Chapter governments and grassroots programs. Developed policy reviews and lobbying strategies. Analyzed congressional and federal agency budgets and appropriations and reviewed federal and state regulations with Indian nations, congressional representatives, federal agencies and law firms. Provided technical assistance to the Navajo Nation on legislative and regulatory issues related to the White House, US Congress, federal and state agencies. Coordinated communications between American Indian Nation governments and foreign governments on legislative issues, policies and other related activities. Hosted and coordinated congressional conferences, summits and meetings on behalf of the Navajo Nation. Developed and presented reports to the Navajo Nation Council on Congress, federal and state agencies and related legislative issues.


Legislative Associate

Window Rock, Arizona, February 1997 – November 1997

Political Appointment by Navajo Nation President Albert Hale. Monitored Congressional legislation related to health, social services, welfare reform Issues concerning the Navajo Nation. Provided lobbying strategy for the Navajo Nation and the Navajo Nation Council.


Children, Youth and Families (CYFD) Tribal Affairs Officer, The State of New Mexico Office of the Cabinet Secretary

Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 1995 – January 1997

Responsible for all communication with the Cabinet Secretaries, state department divisions, the Governor’s office and 22 New Mexico Pueblos and Indian Nations. Identified, analyzed and disseminated information on all issues related to the CYFD divisions of Juvenile Justice, Child Protection, Head Start, Child Care, Child Support, Foster Care & Adoptions and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) for the New Mexico cabinet divisions and Indian governments. Monitored all issues related to Indian Nations and communicated findings to the Departments of Health, Taxation & Revenue, Transportation and Labor. Developed recommendations and facilitated actions with Cabinet Secretaries and the Governor’s Office on program policy and New Mexico regulations. Coordinated the New Mexico Department’s recommendations for Indian Nations health service jurisdictions between the state, tribes and the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General. Developed, implemented and monitored tribal and state agreements on the delivery of child welfare and juvenile justice services with 22 New Mexico tribal communities and private, state and federal service delivery systems. Through active leadership, improved efficiency and efficacy of government operations in public and tribal communities.


Indian Health Service Experience

Commissioned Corp. Officer, 0-3, Lieutenant (LT), US Department of Health and Human Services, US Public Health Service

Rockville, Maryland


Medical Service worker, Santa Fe Service Unit

Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 1993 – December 1994

Provided clinical social services to in-patient clients and their families at the Indian Health Hospital. Scope of work included counseling for intervention/prevention to clients with substance abuse, counseled women on prenatal care, offered support and advised cancer patients; counseled patients on women’s health, financial assistance, HIV related illnesses, domestic violence, foster care, conflict management, marital conflict resolution, and gang violence.


90-Day Temporary Duty Assignment, Mescalero Apache Service Unit

Mescalero, New Mexico, July 1993 – September 1993

Oversaw accreditation review, ensuring that Medical Social Services complied with the quality of assurance standards for accreditation established by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Hospitals (JCAH). Recommended additional JCAH compliance for review within the Social Services Department.


Director of Social Services, Isleta Del Sur Pueblo Service Unit

El Paso, TX, July 1992 – July 1993

Formulated, coordinated and implemented a social service program in compliance with Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Indian Health Service (HIS) authorities for the new federally recognized Tigua Tribe. Identified formulas for temporary financial and service assistance eligibility criteria in coordination with the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Texas Department of Social Services, the Tigua Tribe, BIA and HIS. Established infrastructure for the department and developed policies and procedures for the new program. Elicited tribal community participation in designing a comprehensive community-based family service program. Provided technical assistance to the Tigua Tribal Council, Texas state departments and the Tigua Indian community on federal guidelines, management and authority issues relevant to the federally recognized tribes.


Medical Service Worker, Santa Fe Service Unite

Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 1991 – July 1992

Provided direct clinical social services to in-patient clients and their families at the Indian Health Service Hospital. Functioned with a multi-disciplinary treatment team to develop and implement treatment plans. Served as an advocate and liaison on behalf of patients and their families to internal and external agencies of the HIS hospital, in addition to the private service providers. Developed workshop and training curriculum for HIS internal and external agency use.


Assistant, Social Work Programs, Albuquerque Area

Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 1990 – August 1990

Assisted the Social Work Programs Director with program development, evaluation procedures, budget monitoring and finance reviews as well as personnel and staff development, JCAH issue analysis and the creation of a community assessment review plan.


Professional Education Experience

Special Education D-Level Teacher Farmington Municipal School District, Ladera Elementary School

Farmington, New Mexico, January 1987 – May 1989

Created and implemented a new behavioral disorder program for the school district. Ensured that the curriculum addressed each student’s behavioral, emotional and academic functioning levels and included ethnic and cultural sensitivity components for both students and staff personnel. Oversaw that the curriculum structure was in compliance with state and district standards and guidelines.


Teacher/Psychiatric Technician, Heights Psychiatric Hospital

Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1986 – December 1987

Assisted in developing an enhanced education program for accreditation of this treatment facility so that in-patient adolescents would receive full academic credit for the instruction they received during their residence. Developed a communication system that networked with each student’s home, school and parents so that they were able to access Information on terminology, treatment models, psychiatric approaches and medical law. Provided daytime and evening instruction to eight to twelve students.


Guidance Counselor/Residence Dean Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 1985 – June 1986

Supervised the operation of two Bureau of Indian Affairs college residence halls emphasizing health, safety and welfare requirements of a maximum 512 American Indian students under my care. Provided guidance to students in areas of conflict management, study skills, financial management, interpersonal relationships, geographical adjustments, parenting skills, mental health issues, health care, and substance abuse. Supervised, oriented, and trained 21 dorm personnel.


Special Education Department Head Teacher/Coach, Cibola High School

Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 1980 – August 1985

Coordinated all program and educational activities for special education curriculum with teachers, parents, support staff, administrators and outside entities. Developed curriculum and curriculum reviews for levels 9 – 12 and student statistical data. Monitored all academic activities of the department. Represented the department at meetings with and for the Principal and the school district. Taught a maximum of eight behavior challenged high school students who were mainstreamed into regular academic programs as soon as they were able to function at a particular academic level. Designed individual educational plans with an education team. Represented the D-level programs at all district functions. Established communication networking and public relations activities for school and department. Coached girl’s basketball team and organized tournaments within district and the state.


Special Education Instructor, the Navajo Nation, Navajo Community College

Tsaile, Arizona, May 1979 – June 1980

Assisted in developing the Special Education Department, Coordinated curriculum development with the University of Denver. Conducted personnel and student needs surveys of facilities that served the Navajo reservation special education population. Designed the college curriculum in accordance with New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah education standards. Provided instruction to students working towards an Associate of Arts Degree in Special Education.


Mental Health Clinic Director, Cibola Medical Center, Sage Memorial Hospital

Ganado, Arizona, M ay 1979 – June 1981

Established the newly funded program for operation including recruiting and hiring of staff. Coordinated and implemented governing board directives. Identified private funding sources for the Medical Center.


Director, The Navajo Nation, Johnson O’Malley Program

Window Rock, Arizona, July 1977 – December 1978

Responsibilities Included directing supplemental and educational services to 23 school districts, contract and border-town schools. Position entailed staff supervision, contract monitoring, fiscal management, programmatic coordination and interfacing of federal regulations with tribal and state guidelines.


Special Education Teacher, Bernalillo School District, Santo Domingo Elementary

Bernalillo, New Mexico, September 1976 – May 1977

Provided instruction to K – 6 mixed category special education students. Developed individualized educational plans for each student. Coordinated parent conferences, tribal educational meetings, and community education workshops with the Pueblo of Santo Domingo.


Short-Term Employment

Telephone Receptionist, Heights Psychiatric Hospital

Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 1990 – August 1990

Received incoming calls and placed outgoing calls for hospital personnel. Monitored the 24-hour hot line during the after hours shift.


Teacher/Psychiatric Technician, Suncrest Psychiatric Hospital

Farmington, New Mexico, June 1987 – July 1989

Provided instruction to the in-patient adolescents receiving mental health treatment during the evening hours. Assisted on an on-call basis as a Psychiatric Technician. Provided assistance of patient care to group therapy and nurse.


Teacher, Heights Psychiatric Hospital

Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 1985 – August 1985

Provided instruction to the in-patient adolescents during the time designated for school.


Summer School Teacher, Shiprock Alternative High School

Shiprock, New Mexico, June 1984 – August 1984

Provided instruction for the Ute Tribe at Towaoc, CO, in coordination with Cortez School District, Cortez, CO. Taught reading and English to junior high and high school students.


Johnson O’Malley Summer Coordinator, Albuquerque Public Schools, Indian Education Program

Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1981 – August 1981

Coordinated the summer program activities and on-going programmatic planning. Developed a management system for the program. Supervised eight tutors located at summer school sites and two office staff personnel.


Director of Navajoland Festival of the Arts, The Navajo Nation, Office of Labor

Window Rock, Arizona, June 1981 – August 1981

Directed a three month fine arts program at four reservation sites. Coordinated with Fine Arts Societies to sponsor events that enabled the students to interact with visiting established artist. Supervised a staff of five coordinators, thirty teachers, and twenty teacher’s aides.



1972 – Present

Function as researcher, proposal reader, presenter at hearings, workshops, pre/post legislative activities at the state and national levels for New Mexico, Arizona, the Navajo Nation and professional educational, health and social organizations. Assist and provide technical assistance to Indian organizations and professional organizations as requested.